Hello, Im Jack.
This is where I keep my shit.
Below is my blog.
To the left is a shoddy self portrait.
Above is a pine cone.


  • Well, my site is back. Dreamhost screwed me over by deleteing all of my stuff when I had neglected to pay the bill. Apparently they dont keep backups if you are a 'non-managed' customer. I am now using a managed account to prevent further mishaps. Unfortunately, all of the comments were lost :(
  • I was working on another simple content management system, but then I had the idea that I dont even need a database. This current one is completely generated from the content and keeps meta data files to go with any content that needs it. Metadata is included in the page (usually hidden by CSS). The main menu is generated from the directory structure. The resulting page is one that can be easily manipulated with CSS and Javascript and still looks great to a crawler. There is a simple admin login and no user login (I might add OAuth/facebook login). To comment (or do other interactive stuff), you must enter a captcha. After that, you are remembered by a cookie. If you dont know what I'm talking about, well, you probably dont belong on the internet. I have titled this CMS, 'Your Mom.' I will post the source soon.

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