• Particles of Passion.txt
    Particles of Passion
    Jack Anderson 01-26-02
    Alcohol and cigarettes,
    sex and comedy.
    Our ti
  • White Dwarf.txt
    White Dwarf
    Automatic Jack 6-25-1
    Into the light
    traveled far
    late at night
    this little star
  • Offlimits.txt
    .Offlimits 6-14-1 - Automatic Jack
    ......Caution when chasing the offlimits.
    .......Hesitation t
  • Lackluster Light.txt
    Lackluster Light
    Automatic Jack 11-03-01
    Through lack of sleep
    and loss of time.
    Still, No one
  • Do Not Touch.txt
    Do not touch 9/6/02
    Tireless, I sit, in the cafe atelier,
    whisps of the lovely sort, flurry befo
  • A Coverup.txt
    a cover-up by
    By J.M. Anderson 4-19-4
    We were always kept separate,
    by something or someone

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